Kenya Travel Advice

KAASUK Travel Advice To Make The Most Of Your Time In Kenya

We’d like to share with you general travel advice plus some from personal experience.

Entry Into Kenya – A Visa is required and can be obtained on the flight over at a cost of £30 per person.

Health – There are many small hospitals and chemists.

Travel In Kenya – Matatu’s (minibus taxi’s) are plentiful and cost very little. Unlicensed taxi’s do operate and should be avoided. Local’s will offer anything from directions to carrying your bags but will expect payment for any service offered.

Food – Most Kenyan Cafe/restaurants cook using a coal fire (BBQ style), so be patient and relax. If you are at all unsure what you are ordering, do ask for clarfication.

Shopping – small shopping area’s provide most requirments you may have (within reason). Local street traders offer the cheapest option and are often worth a look.

Weather – Kenya enjoys a hot climate. Rainy season is around May. Rain can occur throughout the year but will mostly be for short spells in the morning.